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I hate exercise. I pretty much always have. I’m inherently lazy, and I know I’m not alone given the latest figures indicate that more than 60% of the Australian adult population are overweight or obese. But I know it’s not good to be complacent in my slovenly ways, so I’ll occasionally find something to give me the encouragement to get myself off THE couch

Case in point: I’ve put on a little weight recently. It’s not a lot compared to most standards, but because we all have different limits about what’s acceptable and what’s not, it’s more than I’m comfortable with. Plus my clothes are getting tight, so that’s enough of a sign that I need to act NOW! If I had to choose, my preferred exercise would be pole dancing. I took a beginners’ course back in 2007 and fell in love with the results I achieved. Hands down, it’s the best exercise I’ve ever done. It gave me an all-over body workout plus helped me shed a few kilos while having fun. And that was the key: fun! Since then, I’ve completed the intermediate and advanced courses, too, and try to go whenever time permits. (more…)

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