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Ralph Wiggum

Misquoted Ralphism

I haven’t been sleeping all that well lately, and it often leaves me with sore eyes when I wake. It got quite bad the other week, to the point of having visibly bloodshot eyes several mornings in a row. So after the third day of this, I decided to do something about it.

I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task obtaining eye drops from the chemist using my broken Japlish, so I was more than pleased when, on the way to work last Sunday morning, I bumped into one of the office staff, Nami, at the Starbucks at the train station. I told here my eyes were sore, and asked if she’d help me get some eye drops.

So we stopped in to the chemist (drug store) on the way to work, and she had a conversation with the pharmacist, asking me questions occasionally; do I have allergies, do I wear contact lenses (yes, no). And after a few minutes, she decided on the most suitable brand of eye drops for me.


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