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It was my 31st birthday on April 23rd, and, being alone in Japan, I was preparing for a rather solemn occasion devoid of the usual fanfare and celebration associated with my birthday.

But that was not to be.

My wonderful Rich surprised me with a huge parcel from home filled with presents and cards from my closest friends and family! I was definitely not expecting that the box, which arrived a week before my birthday (to which I was under strict instructions not to read the posting label), contained cards and presents from so many people. And all the gifts were absolutely perfect – jewellery, scarves, a game, a watch, a hat, thongs, Amazon gift card, and a clip-on light for my Kindle. I was moved to tears on more than one occasion. They were not tears of sadness, but tears of sheer joy and happiness.

Box of Presents

Box of Presents



And not only did he organise a wondrous gift bonanza, he also arranged for me to undertake a Geisha makeover here in Japan. I mentioned it to him ages ago, and had dismissed the idea for whatever reason. So, again, I was thrilled when I opened the gift voucher the company had sent me on his behalf. I have booked in to get it done next week :)

It was also quite fortunate that, of the friends I’ve made in Japan, there were another 4 birthdays within two weeks of mine, and friends had already planned for a house party on the night of my birthday :)

Birthday Party

Birthday Party

And to top it all off, my sister sent me the following poem via text which was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read:

XO MY LUIS XO Last dream, I realised, in my waking moments, were of you, young woman of courage & conviction, a spring day that says hooray, with all the earthly gorgeousness of a sweet scented blooming garden, double delights & freesias. Blue skies, dark skies, dark nights, bright days, seamless clouds drifting away, fun filled hot summers. Sangrias in Spain. The place to be, on the scene, enjoying this earthly dream! Stubborn, immovable, up for a no risk thrill, voice infrequently shrill, I can, have & will stand on top of the hill! Home is where the heart is, smart, sassy, sharp as a tack, dignified, has pride. A friend that says no need to run or hide, I’ll hold your hand, nurture you and stand by you every step of the way. Funny, quirky, cute, a slight computer nerd to boot! Loves eating fruit, healthy, strong, got her vegetarian reins on. Elegant, pretty, don’t mess with me ‘tude’ she’s certainly no dude. Likes to keep with the trend but definitely stylin in her own right! Loves her friends, family & lover with compassion & our joy is to love her right back! Today is your Birthday the only blue you should feel is the great sky above you! This is my great random thinking & RANDOM gift to you! Luis it’s your Birthday, Happy Birthday Luis xoxo

Then a few days later I received another birthday card in the post. The beautiful Kitta had organised for the Perth Twitter peeps to sign the card for me. It was lovely to get that card filled with such wonderful messages from my friends!

Card from the Perth Twits

I am so very lucky.

The luckiest, in fact.

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