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I’ve liked the idea of having my own personal blog for many years, but never got round to actually setting one up. So I decided that my one and only resolution this New Year, was to start a proper blog (yes I realise it’s already September, but the year’s not over so it still counts). I use a Tumblog for interesting links, photos and videos, but it’s not quite substantial enough for writing en mass, and I wanted to dedicate this blog to thoughts alone. Down the track, this may change, but that’s my intention for now :)

So. First post, eh? I’m presuming most of you reading this already follow me on one or more social networks, so you’d probably have a good idea of who I am. And although I have posted this before, it’s probably a good way to start for those who don’t know a thing about me.

I present you with a list of 100 random things about me:

  1. I am 28 (subject to change) – update: I am now 29
  2. I am female (this will never change)
  3. I have lived in Perth all my life
  4. I am vegetarian
  5. Mushrooms are not my favourite thing
  6. I’m a very proud Taurean
  7. I’m addicted to cheese
  8. Numbers make me nice
  9. Man + man = hot
  10. I have a new found love for pole dancing (and my own pole)
  11. I have psoriasis (and other random skin conditions)
  12. My left foot is 1cm longer than my right
  13. My left leg is ½cm shorter than my right
  14. I have always been good at maths
  15. When I grow up, I want to be a fag hag
  16. I love cows and hope to own one one day (I will call her Mildred)
  17. I enjoy all sorts of games
  18. I love to win
  19. I’m terribly competitive
  20. Pirates rock
  21. Ninjas hold their own
  22. Blackjack is my favourite casino game
  23. Is my number
  24. I enjoy taking surveys/tests/quizzes
  25. Topical cream is the answer for most problems
  26. Beer is the answer for all other problems (thank you Homer Simpson)
  27. I love me
  28. Stupid people make me angry (and sad)
  29. I have many OCD tendencies
  30. My way is the right way
  31. I know stuff about a lot of things
  32. I can’t sleep if I’m cold
  33. 3 ply anything is wrong
  34. I put mascara on with my mouth closed
  35. I can crack every joint in my body, including my chest
  36. I love dancing
  37. The only magazine I pay to read is Marie Claire
  38. I love cooking and baking (and feeding others)
  39. I could live on popcorn alone
  40. My cat is totally in love with me (why wouldn’t she be?)
  41. I’m totally in love with Madagascan vanilla body butter (smells like heaven)
  42. I love sneezing
  43. I always sneeze twice
  44. I like using random words like craptacular and awetastic (thanks Chris)
  45. Other words I like: minions, tutelage, ombudsman, cacophony, plethora
  46. Me + napping = bad
  47. I am an attention whore (thank you interweb)
  48. I have two tattoos – Taurus symbol right hip, aum symbol back of my neck
  49. My favourite body parts are my shoulders and butt
  50. I am a recycling Nazi
  51. I love everything Japanese, and can’t wait to go back to Japan one day
  52. I have a penchant for rules and order
  53. I walk with purpose
  54. I hate people who use the phrase, “thanking you”
  55. I can be bossy sometimes
  56. I eat bocconcini by peeling off layers
  57. I’ve had my wisdom teeth out
  58. Give me a camera, and I’m snap-happy
  59. I’m somewhat geeky
  60. I know pi to 20 places 30 places and counting
  61. Scented toilet paper is horrible – if I wanted to put perfume on my twat, I would
  62. I’ve been a Brownie and a Girl Guide
  63. I blush easily
  64. I can play the flute
  65. I have been on a TV game show (and won!)
  66. I have contemplated a career in law enforcement
  67. I am the game police, and I have a badge to prove it
  68. I can recite the first 20 elements of the periodic table
  69. I have a weakness for blondes
  70. Backs, shoulders and necks are sexy
  71. A little bit of bone is nice (hips and ribs)
  72. I’ve taken: gymnastics, tennis, ballet, dance, tap, ice skating, & karate lessons
  73. I always take my makeup off before going to bed
  74. My favourite condiment is horseradish cream
  75. I like long movies
  76. I love MAC Lustreglass, and Lancome Juicytubes lipglosses
  77. I love sunsets, even though they make me sad
  78. My favourite colours are silver & purple
  79. I went to an all girls high school
  80. I never got the whole “horse/pony” thing
  81. I think marriage and religion are outdated traditions
  82. I use sarcasm too much (really?)
  83. I’m a picker – scabs, pimples, grammar, pronunciation
  84. I hate being tickled – it’s like torture
  85. I smirk a lot
  86. I like pulling things apart
  87. I like putting things back together
  88. I can never turn down a dare
  89. I’ve had my tonsils removed
  90. I have a penis-shaped osteochondroma in my right hip socket
  91. I have only broken one bone, the little toe on my right foot
  92. I love gambling
  93. I have amazing hearing
  94. My nicknames: Weez, Weezie, Lu, Lulu, Lulu Belle, Louisiana, Lubachoo, Lolly
  95. One day I will apply to MENSA
  96. My favourite vegetable is red capsicum
  97. I can burp the alphabet
  98. It’s all about me
  99. It’s always about me
  100. If it’s ever about you, consider yourself lucky

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